Learning how to reveal certain secrets

At Château Virant, passion and work carry the same meaning. Even though some secrets never make it out of our vats and our drawers, our doors are wide open all year long.

Three types of tours are possible: non-guided tours, guided tours and olive oil tasting seminars.

Guided tours of significant areas of the estate conducted by a member of the CHEYLAN family makes it possible for our guests to experience the history of Château Virant from beginning to present-day. We reveal to you the fine points of the success of Château Virant, always with a lot of pleasure and passion. This tour unmistakably concludes with a session devoted to the tasting of the products of our estate.

For those in love with olive oil, Christine Cheylan, the owner, proposes sensory approach courses. A former President of the North American international contest “The Olive d’Or” (the Golden Olive) organized in the context of Canada’s International Food Fair (SIAL), Christine uses all of her know-hows to help olive oil aficionados discover. Uniquely memorable experiences are guaranteed with her. She covers the official points of olive oil tasting, then the different flavors, the qualities and defaults, different types of fruity, the work of man in the elaboration of a grand cru, etc.

Two formulas are proposed: the initiation during which 5 oils are tasted over an hour; and the seminar formula during which a morning is devoted to dissecting and commenting on 15 different oils.

Hosting according to the Provence tradition of excellence

Château Virant’s 200-square meter “Bergerie” was built in the seventeenth century. It has become a wonderful reception venue with walls and arches made with dry stone. It has been meticulously refurbished according to its original architectural style, and fully equipped to sit up to 120 people and more than 180 people for cocktail receptions. The sunny terrace and the gardens add a warm and friendly touch to the whole.

You have the assurance of a well-run logistics.

Thus, the location and unique setting of Château Virant’ reception venue make it an ideal place for various types of events such as conferences, corporate seminars, gastronomic workshops, etc.

A fully-equipped kitchen is available to caterers who propose diversified and prestigious menus, dinner cocktails or cold buffets… We’ll always be ready to host your event.

Regarding accessibility, everything has been designed to accommodate people with reduced mobility. More than 150 cars and buses can park on our lots. Hosting your event in the “Bergerie” of Château Virant means guarantee of a well-run logistic, with an authentic setting to top it all!

Natural barrier
and benevolent protector

Château Virant is a great rocky peak that is cradled by the Mistral and caressed by the sun of Provence. It overlooks the estate which bears its name.

The rock has a rectangular shape and has several types of stones at its foot that work as a natural barrier. The steep cliffs of the rock make it look inaccessible at first sight.

Because of its configuration, the rock was used as early as the pre-historic era for social purposes, for worship, dwelling and as a safety retreat. Caves were dug in the heart of the rock for food storage and preservation. Archaeological excavations have confirmed and helped date traces of life on the rock.

Man has used the rock of Château Virant through the ages because of its dominant, strategic position overlooking the Etang de Berre area.

The French Federation of Rock and Mountain Climbing has carried safety adaptations to make it useable and accessible to those who are fond of climbing. The rock has since become a reference among climbing places where you can find both easy and difficult climbing routes.

An orientation table at the rock’s highest point allows you to have a vast panorama of Provence’s celebrated Sainte Victoire and Sainte Baume mountains in the distance.

The rock can be reached after 20 minutes of easy walk through the vineyard and olive plantation of the estate.

So, of course, we are proud at Château Virant to say that we have more than a château: we also have a majestic rock that watches over us!