It is important to know the nuance between different sweet wines, especially sweet wine and sweet wine.

The contrast is in the sugar content that these wines contain.

A sweet wine has a sugar content of between 10 and 45 grams per liter. Beyond this level, it is called sweet wine.

Sweet wines come from late harvests, rich in sugars and from a very particular vinification. During this process, not all the yeasts transform all the sugar in the grapes into alcohol.

In France, the most famous regions for the production of sweet wines are Alsace with pinot gris, Gewurztraminer, Riesling.

For example the Riesling Quintessence de Grains nobles, 1991, is made by the Weinbach estate with a late harvested muscatel. This method makes it possible to obtain a riper grape and thus more loaded with sugar.

In the southwest of France we find the star of sweet wines: the Sauternes of Château d'Yquem.

The Loire Valley with the : Vouvray

The sweet wine is a wine balanced by its acidity and its freshness. It can accompany cheeses, desserts, but also foie gras and Asian dishes.