Aged in OAK barrels

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The essence of our wine-making expertise

The aging in barrels gives each vintage its signature flavours. Aging requires special attention. The cellar master tastes the wine each day to ensure that it is developing correctly. The Prestige wines are high quality wines that remain accessible. Today, this wine is one of the best vintages of the Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence appellation. These wines are made each year in limited quantities using confidential methods. It is for these reasons that these wines never represent our domain in regional competitions. The Prestige vintages from Château Virant are authentic Provençal products, made from grapes harvested exclusively from local hillsides. As such, they are certified PDO Aix-en-Provence products. These wines are the pride of the Cheylan family and of the estate. They are considered an excellent choice for a tasting or investment wine.

Exceptional aromas

We give our best effort to create our Prestige wines. It is our dedication that makes these wines some of our best. These wines develop an incomparable, complex aromatic palette. The red wine expresses aromas of caramel, blackberry and vanilla. Its tannins, softened by aging in one-year barrels, provide its velvety texture. The white wine develops its astonishing flavors during its aging on lees for nine months. This wine requires daily attention from our cellar master. These efforts are rewarded by a wine with buttery, and even smoky notes. Our Prestige wines are wines to be tasted on special occasions or consumed for daily pleasure. If you are looking to invest in some new wines to diversify your collection, these vintages will make an excellent choice. The Prestige wines are some of the most important wines in the Château Virant range. 

A gem of the Provençal hillsides

Each year, we harvest grapes from carefully selected plots of our estate. These fruits then consume the attention of our artisan vintners for several months. The resulting wines, produced in limited quantities, contain rich, complex aromas that will delight discerning connoisseurs. The Prestige wines are wines of pleasure but are also wines of investment.