The Living Heritage Company label is awarded to French companies that serve as representatives of excellence in French craftsmanship and enterprise.

In 2012, Château Virant became the first olive oil mill in France to obtain this label. The Château Virant olive oil mill is located in Lançon-Provence, a well known olive oil producing region in the South of France. The production methods used, as well as the quality of the olives and the artisanal expertise of the estate, have enabled Château Virant to produce an olive oil recognized nationally and internationally.

Since 1996 and under the expert guidance of Christine Cheylan, the team at Château Virant has been producing the most awarded olive oil in France.

In addition to working the land of Provence and producing a purely “Made in France” olive oil, Château Virant applies its ancestral skill in the various manufacturing processes of its recognized olive oils. For example, several steps in the manufacture of olive oil require specific knowledge. At Château Virant, we have accumulated that knowledge. The methods that we use to produce our oils have been acquired and refined over time and have been passed down from generation to generation.

Selecting the olives, crushing them and kneading the paste in order to obtain high quality aromas are all part of methods that we practice in our olive oil mill at Château Virant.

During the olive harvest, usually beginning in mid-October, the work and energy at the oil mill offer a magnificent spectacle: we hear the noise of the machines, we monitor the movement of the olives through the different stages from the stripping to the kneading of the fruit and the extraction of the oil. We see the teams carefully controlling the various parameters of production in order to guarantee the excellent quality olive oil that Château Virant promises to its customers, whether they are amateurs or connoisseurs. It is during this process that our technology, expertise, and the human touch all combine to produce exceptional results.

With the passing of each generation, the expertise of Château Virant is enriche, and the Cheylan family speaks of expertise in the plural. It is found in the history of the estate. The first generation learned to work with the fruits of their land, to diversify the varieties, and to set up pruning and watering methods, in particular the drip irrigation system. The second generation contributes to the development of knowledge with the contribution of modern techniques and technologies. It is this combination of time proven traditional methods and modern innovations that has allowed Château Virant to evolve and to flourish.

Receiving the Living Heritage Company label is an award that honors the history of the estate and the region, as well as the traditions that the Cheylan family proudly preserves, from generation to generation. This label makes the entire team working on the estate very proud as it highlights their dedication to maintaining a high level of craftsmanship and quality.