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What is a PGI? Is it different from a PDO?

How can the origin of a product be guaranteed? How can we offer consumers the certainty that their purchase encourages the local economy? The PGI label, which stands for Protected Geographical Indication, is a way of affirming the origin of a product. Recognized at the European level, this label aims to protect the specificities of a product and its terroir. It is also a way for small craftsmen to showcase their know-how. However, there are some differences with PDO or AOC. Although all these designations are issued by the National Institute of Origin and Quality (INAO), they are fundamentally different. The essence of the PGI is the region in which the product is made. Whether it is a wine, a cheese, an oil or any other product, this label indicates a belonging to a specific region. Unlike the PDO, which guarantees that a product has been made 100% in a specific agricultural area following certain predefined processes, the PGI gives more freedom to the work and creativity of the artisan. The products labeled PGI of Château Virant are therefore a mixture between the traditions of our land and the creativity of our winemakers and olive growers.

The PGIs of France and elsewhere

While the number of PDOs in France is close to 500, there are only 220 PGIs, 74 of which guarantee the regional origin of wine products. The best known of these are the PGI Côtes Catalanes or Côtes de Gascogne and many others. This European distinction covering larger geographical areas has logically less representation differences on the same territory. It is nevertheless a strong sign of attachment to cultural roots. As precious as all the other appellations, our Mediterranean PGI or our Bouches-du-Rhône PGI demonstrate our know-how and our passion for the products we create every day. These recognitions have been hard won over the years. It is by dint of hard work, patience and the search for quality in compliance with European specifications that we have been able to obtain these rare distinctions. In many regions, producers' unions are still fighting to obtain such prestigious designations. The PGI is therefore a label recognizing the quality of food and wine production on a European scale. All the products in this category are made by us in the heart of the Provence region.

The PGI, mark of our soil

Although different from the PDO, the PGI is a prestigious recognition. It marks the belonging of a product to a specific region. It is this terroir, combined with the know-how and creativity of our craftsmen, that give our products their character and make our PGI-labeled products the pride of Château Virant