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Olive Oil: The Treasure of Provence

Venture into the south of France by tasting the oil from one of our Discovery boxes. Immediately, you’ll feel the intoxicating flavors so typical of our beautiful region. All of the oils contained in these boxes are made from olives harvested from our groves and pressed in our mill. Our olives are all pressed and processed on our estate with traditional craftsmanship and expertise. Once you try our delicious oils, you’ll understand why the Provencal landscapes inspired so many famous painters. While we don’t have the brushstrokes of Van Gogh, like him, we offer a product so reminiscent of a place. The aromas and flavors of our oils speak to the ripeness of our fruit, the richness of our soil, and the strength of our Provencal sun. And, like the great painters, we too have become masters in our craft. Check out our gift box selections and discover our PDO olive oil offerings. You will find a quality product that reflects our deep attachment to our land.

Our Gift Boxes

Our boxes present a specially selected collection of our oils-perfect for personal use or to give as a gift. All of our oils are made from olives grown in our own groves and processed here at the Château Virant estate. Our popular extra virgin olive oils are well known for their delicious taste but also for their health benefits. Olive oil is a foundational part of a clean Mediterranean diet. Our oils are also very diverse-enjoy them raw, in a marinade, or as a final touch over a cooked dish. Olive oil drizzled over a truffle pasta is a real treat! Finally, for the most dedicated connoisseurs, be sure to check out the accessories page on our site for additional items to compliment your tasting experience.

The Pride of Château Virant Delivered in a Box

Olive oil, the “green gold” of Provence, is the foundation of our reputation here at Château Virant. All of our oils are made here, on our own property. We are proud to offer you our expertly developed gourmet flavors so representative of our region. These select gift boxes allow you to discover Provence and the varieties of olives that are so dear to us.