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Our range of wines

On our estate in Provence, the sun brings flavor to our fruits. An extended aging process often develops these flavors, and that is why we suggest you keep these wines in the cellar for a few years before drinking. These wines, however, do not need many years to age--you can either taste them immediately or let them develop their aromatic palette. However, if you choose to conserve wine appropriately, you must follow a few rules. To preserve a wine after bottling, it must be kept in a cellar or in a climate-controlled aging cabinet at the ideal temperature. When stored property, the wine passes the years in optimal conditions. Through time, a multi-faceted wine will reveal its full complexity. Be sure to pamper these wines for several years before serving. Remember, it takes them time to tell their beautiful story. We recommend that you keep wines in the cellar or in an aging cabinet for a maximum of three years in the appropriate humidity and temperature conditions. By following these guidelines, you will discover the hidden flavors these special wines have to offer you.

Age your wine at home as you would a champagne

Whether you have an old-fashioned cellar carved out of rock or a modern aging cabinet fitted with carbon filters, you must store these wines properly if you want them to reveal their full potential. Our artisan winemakers have worked hard, from the vineyard to the cellar, to make these special wines capable of delivering their complex aromas without having to wait a decade to reach their peak. These wines will develop natural aromas from our land and from our expertise. It is precisely this ancestral knowledge that allows us to master the evolution of our wines so that they deliver a taste experience that improves year after year. Before serving, the red wine should reach room temperature while the white should remain cool. It is during the tasting that you will discover with pleasure the aging potential of our wines. You will be struck by the woody, fruity aromas expressed by the wine after a light aging. But wait a few years, and these wines will develop their full flavor potential. These wines are sure to delight the bon vivant who knows that the value is worth waiting for.

Affordable artisanal wines to savor

Château Virant offers you a range of wines to consume within three years. These wines are intended to delight the finest gourmets who hope to indulge themselves without waiting. To be stored in the cellar or in an aging cabinet, these wines will fully express their taste potential after just a few years. Their fresh, rich flavors will make them the highlight of your shared celebrations. They are perfect as a gift or as a compliment to your personal cellar.