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Tasting olive oil

Among the foods that represent the southern art of living, olive oil is surely the most recognized. Present throughout the Mediterranean basin, it has been credited with nourishing and protective virtues for centuries and centuries. At Château Virant, oil production is an ancestral art. Our oils are among the most renowned in our region. So as you discover our range of products available on the web and taste them, you will be taken on a journey through our estate from the olive grove to the mill. The oil boxes and accessories you will find here have been designed to enhance your tasting experience. But how do you taste olive oil? To experience all the flavour and complexity that a bottle of oil contains, you have to taste it in its simplest form. An artisan olive oil is enjoyed in the same way as a good wine. Our boxes and assortments are particularly suitable for blind tasting. This is how you will learn to recognise the different aromas released by the olive during the pressing process. Each bottle of Château Virant oil is a journey to the heart of our native Provence.

The origin of flavors

For Château Virant, the olive is a sacred fruit to which we owe our ranking among the emblematic Provençal estates. The olive tree, symbol of longevity and hope, is also the tree that best represents our terroir. Like our craftsmen, it is robust, strong and rooted in its land. We know that the quality of our oils cannot be achieved without the good health of our trees.  We offer a range of accessories for the oil because it is a product that must be enjoyed in the right way. Each of the aromas expressed by our oils comes first and foremost from the Provencal sun and the soil that we cherish so much. Our oil tasting accessories will allow you to sublimate your taste experience. The flavours you will discover are a portrait of the olive growers of Château Virant. Since 1996, the estate's mill has been pressing the olives we grow and producing a range of typically Provençal oils imbued with essential values for gourmets such as authenticity. We master all the stages, even the most incidental, from harvesting to corking. The importance we give to the quality of our olive oil guarantees you incomparable aromas.

More than a tasting, an experience

Château Virant has been emphasizing the quality of its olive oils for many years. This is why we offer a range of accessories designed to enhance this product that is so dear to us. The products you will find here will accompany you on your gustatory journey in Provence. To offer or to offer oneself, they will make the happiness of all the gourmets.