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From the appetizer to entree

You will find in this category products made at the estate which will perfectly compliment your special occasion menu. For a large, formal gathering or for a small, more casual tasting, the wines, oils, and other specialties of Château Virant are here to accompany you. We have gathered our most astonishing products, like our sparkling Chardonnay which, vinified as in champagne, will delight you with its finesse and elegance. It will pair perfectly with foie gras on toast accompanied by our very own onion confit. Our white wines, always offered at the best price, will awaken your taste buds. Try one with a platter of oysters or scallops. Our quality products will delight amateurs and seasoned chefs alike. At Chateau Virant, we use our generations of expertise to ​​contribute to the protection of French gastronomy. It is this culture that we hope to transmit to all gourmets through our oils, our wines, and our other specialty items. The products presented here will conquer the hearts of your guests. Why? Because these quality items make food special, whether it is a gourmet meal or a simple aperitif. Our products will compliment your beef, pork, chicken, and fish recipes and will help bring French gastronomic culture to life.  

The essentials of a French meal

To make a gourmet meal, you must start with good products. French gastronomy is not just about cooking. It is the expression of a cultural heritage. In Provence, family recipes are treasures. They are also well-kept secrets. Each dish that makes up a menu, from appetizer to dessert, is the result of the love that artisans have for their products and their land. A French gourmet meal is above all a matter of sharing. These are the values ​​that push the cook to spend hours in the kitchen making puff pastry or Provençal stew. Time and love are what all gourmet recipes have in common. In Provence, each stay spent with the family is a gastronomic journey. This is what keeps families together year after year. Gourmets sit down and meet to share a cuisine full of flavors. On the menu, seasonal products are front and center. We eat tomatoes in summer and mushrooms in autumn. Gastronomic culture above all begins with respect for the land.

A good meal starts with great products

French gastronomy is an integral part of the culture of Château Virant. We develop our products with respect for our land and our ancestral expertise. We offer you appetizers, oils, and wines that rival one another in elegance. Our products will satisfy the most discerning gourmets on a daily basis as well as on special occasions.