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What is a PDO ?

The PDO (protected designation of origin) label guarantees quality and promises authenticity. More than just a simple label, PDO captures the identity of a region and the traditions that go along with it. At Château Virant, we are proud of our roots anchored in Aix-en-Provence. The PDO designation lets us assert our identity; the wines and oils of Château Virant are above all Provençal products. All of our PDO labeled products are grown and processed in the heart of Provence, which is so dear to us. We are happy to highlight this region which has seen us grow. This label shows people around the world that our products are authentically sourced and processed. Gourmets know the protected designation of origin label ensures quality products.

PDOs from France and from around the world

There are several hundred PDOs in France, 120 of which are spread between Bordeaux and Burgundy. The Haut-Médoc, Saint-Emilion, or the Pessac-Léognan PDO labels guard the elegance and power of Bordeaux wines. In Burgundy, you will find fine gourmet wines under the PDO label Côte de Beaune and dry white wines with sharp minerality vinified under the Chablis PDO. Protected designation of origin labels are also widely used across Europe. We find the PDO Santorini in Greece and the PDO Andalucia in Spain. Each of these labels is distinguished by the select grape varieties it uses, its winemaking methods, and of course its native soil. Château Virant, anchored in its land and its region, produces wines and oils on the Aix-en-Provence PDO. This means that we use grape varieties cultivated historically in our region and that our approach aims to preserve ancestral expertise. PDO is the label which guarantees respect for traditions and authenticates production.

Château Virant, guarantor of the traditions of our land

A major player in the PDO Aix-en-Provence market, Château Virant guarantees respect for the wine traditions of our region. The production of our PDO wines follows our quality approach which is based upon traditional artisanal methods. Our range of PDO wines, recognized by numerous national medals, has been designed to delight the finest plates. Taste Provence through a glass of rosé. Imagine the sound of cicadas in the air, and picture yourself strolling through our vineyards on a sunny day while you enjoy your glass. The PDO wines of Château Virant have built the reputation of the estate and are recognized by the bon vivant for their superior, authentic taste qualities.