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Value does not wait for years

The wines that you will find in this category do not need the passage of time to deliver a remarkable taste experience. These fresh wines will awaken your taste buds. They are at home on a summer evening with friends as well as in tastings between true connoisseurs. When you drink a young wine, you will be struck by its liveliness and minerality. It is our unique soil, as well as the expertise of our winegrowers who give so many subtleties to our young wines. Unlike a sweeter wine intended to be kept longer, these wines have a lightness comparable to the gentle breeze that winds through our vines. A young wine will pair wonderfully with a soft cheese such as an ashy goat cheese or with white meat just seared in a pan. In addition, these wines go particularly well with appetizers. A mixed salad and a few slices of toast topped with our green olive spread will only be enhanced by a glass of one of our Inspiration wines.

The pleasure of drinking a wine without waiting

While other wine-growing regions of France like Bordeaux, Burgundy, or Alsace may prefer to produce wines to be aged in the cellar, we are happy to offer a range of fine wines designed for immediate pleasure. Each of the wines that you will find in this category present the opportunity to discover the freshness and the vitality of a wine to consume during the year. In summer, Provencal people like to enhance their cuisine of fresh vegetables and fish with a young wine with a refreshing minerality. Throughout the rest of the year, try embellishing your seafood platters and soft cheeses with one of these lively wines. To produce wines that can be consumed immediately, our artisan winegrowers apply all of their knowledge, from the vineyard to the cellar. In doing so, they manage to capture the aromatic complexity created by our clay-limestone soil and the Provençal sun. In each glass is the essence of Château Virant. These wines are mostly white and rosé wines because the red grape varieties rich in tannins (such as Cabernet-Sauvignon or Syrah) require some aging to reveal their full potential.

Young, fresh and full of life wines

These wines will compliment all of your light, fresh dishes. They are an ideal accompaniment to summer recipes, seafood platters, and certain cheeses. With these wines, Château Virant offers you a range of fine wines intended to deliver pleasure immediately without sacrificing quality.