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How do you make red wine ? Start with a native grape variety.

The development of a red wine begins with the choice of grape varieties. Grapes will acquire a very specific aromatic palette depending on their variety, the land where they’re grown, and the time that they’re harvested. The winemaker’s job is to extract the best flavors from the grapes. At Château Virant, we are committed to working with grape varieties native to our region. Our wines are mostly blends of Syrah, Grenache, or Cabernet Sauvignon grape varieties. These particular varieties, very common on the Aix and Var hillsides, thrive on the arid soils of the south. Growing native varieties is the starting point for obtaining an IGP or PDO designation in France. On the palate, a red from a sunny landscape like Provence releases all of its powerful flavor. Unlike a more discreet burgundy, wines from the south of France have a lot of body to offer. Make no mistake. Our wines are no less refined. In fact, their full-bodied essence and their length on the palate may recall certain Saint-Emilion wines. Whether in Burgundy, Provence, Jura, or Bordeaux, red wine is a sincere expression of the land where the vines grow. We are proud to offer you artisanal wines whose palate and aromas exude our native Provence.

Grenache, Syrah, and Cabernet...the grapes to make the wines of your dreams

To obtain its elegant color, red wine must be made with a dark-skinned grape variety. At Château Virant, we make sure to use the best grapes from our family vineyard-the Grenache, Syrah, and Cabernet grape varieties- to make our red wines. It is only by working with the best fruits that we can offer you high quality wines. The production of our precious red wines starts in the vineyard. Here, our grapes make the most of our sunshine and our rocky soil. The great wine houses know to pay careful attention to the vineyards. Here in the Rhône Valley, it is the Grenache, Syrah, and Cabernet varieties that create our exceptional red wines. It is the same in Burgandy with the Pinot Noir variety. No matter the region, the work of each artisan winemaker, and the soil of the land, is imprinted on the aromatic palette of their wine. This is why each region, each estate, and each vineyard has its own distinct flavors. Wine is above all an adventure. In each of the great wine regions of France, there is a special wine, a gift to help you discover the region. Château Virant is proud to be a flagship wine estate in the south of France. Our red wines will remind you of the elegance of the great wines of Bandol or Cassis. Any of our reds will make the perfect accompaniment to your meal of grilled meat or wild game.

Elegant, gourmet red wines

Château Virant offers you a wide range of red wines. Each of our red wines is different and offers a unique perspective on our region and on the unique grape varieties used to produce it. Tasting our red wines is a taste journey to the heart of Provence itself. Come and explore our vineyard under the sun. Share a bottle with family or friends. The red wines that we offer are sure to delight the finest gourmets.