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White, red, rose ... the tricolor boxes

Our boxes represent the essence of Château Virant's identity. Within each box, you will find three bottles. Within each bottle, you will discover gourmet and intoxicating flavors, typical of our vineyard. Let yourself be lulled by the notes of red fruits, white fruits and citrus fruits as each wine opens up and reveals all its secrets to you. Our boxes, inspired by traditional wooden wine boxes, aim to introduce you to the world of the estate. We encourage you to discover our entire range: from the authentic flavors of our wines to the indulgence of our sparkling wines made like champagnes. Our boxes contain a selection of wines bottled at the Château Virant. You will find, within each box, a wine to accompany any meal.

A sampling of the Château Virant range to taste at home

Located in the heart of Provence, the land of Château Virant is a true treasure of France. It is this clay-limestone soil which contributes to the aromatic power of our vintages. Each of the wine cases here presents the chance to discover several grapes typical of our land, like our Syrah or our Ugni blanc varieties. It is varieties like these that grow so well on the Aix-en-Provence hillsides and which give our wines their particularities. When you offer a wine box to a loved one, you will present to them a unique taste experience. Gourmets will appreciate the freshness of our rosé wines, the elegance of our whites, and the power of our reds, whose taste qualities can make you think of a Saint-Estèphe or even a Châteauneuf-du-Pape. More than a simple gift, our boxes contain the pleasure of tasting, the joy of discovering fruit aromas, and the experience of exploring a wine down to its vintage.

Boxes to discover, share, and taste

The Château Virant wine boxes allow you to offer your loved ones a tasting experience as close as possible to Provençe. They offer a way to indulge but also to explore our region by identifying the subtle aromas that we have been able to capture and bottle here on our estate.