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Dominant aromas

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The gourmet products to assist your culinary preparations

High-tech appliances may look good, but they won't necessarily make great food. What will? Top quality ingredients, of course. Here, we have presented products that are sure to enhance your cooking and bring you products worthy of the greatest chefs. Try a drop of our artisanal olive oil--it will bring Provencal sunshine to any meal. Or, add a touch of vinegar to our white wine mustard to create an amazing vinaigrette. Our red wine will enrich the marinating or cooking of any red meat. Deglaze your pan with a touch of wine and broth, and receive a reduction sauce rich in flavor. Or, use one of our wines to cook a delicious Provencal stew. Any of the products here will bring a southern touch to any of your homemade dishes.

Provençal gastronomic art

These products here will compliment all your culinary efforts. You can incorporate our sweet specialties into desserts for an incomparable taste experience. Or, use our oil to whip up a gribiche sauce which will offer a surprising aromatic palette. For this classic sauce, you only need a little mustard, vinegar, and a hand blender to whip the sauce. Add some salt and pepper and you will obtain a sweet, light sauce that pairs perfectly with poultry. For wild game, we recommend a marinade using our red wine. Everyone has their own definition of good culinary preparation. At Château Virant, our job is to offer you products that will delight you and your guests both in terms of taste and quality. Futuristic blenders and professional stainless steel equipment won't make a great meal. If you invest in quality ingredients, however, you will be sure to delight your guests. In Provence, we prepare our meats and vegetables at the right temperature using fresh ingredients to develop their unique aromas. It is this patience that makes our cuisine so famous.  

Products to brighten any meal

Château Virant offers a range of products to enhance all of your cuisine. Our oils in cooking, in a salad, or in sauce, will bring Mediterranean flavors to your table. We know that each convivial meal begins with quality ingredients. Here, you will find products from our estate intended to enrich any dish. Bon appétit.