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Southern flavors, the essence of our products

Traditional Mediterranean cuisine is full of good dishes to share. Here, the aperitif is a part of the real art of living. You probably know the sardines in oil or the duck confit so popular with our neighbors to the west. Come discover the savory treats so well known in Provence. We offer a range of delicious delicacies to enjoy on their own or as an accompaniment to your cooked meals. Our array of specialties make an ideal accompaniment to delicate dishes, such as grilled fish. Need a quick appetizer? Slather a little bit of our green olive spread, tapenade style, on a piece of bread. Whether you’re looking to enhance a gourmet dish or prepare a simple appetizer, our savory treats will compliment your every meal.

Gifts from our region

With the exception of the spices, all parts of our savory specialties are made here, on the estate. We master everything- from cultivation of the fruit to the creation of sauces and spreads. We created our range of sweet and savory offerings to compliment our rich range of wines and olive oils. Through these products, we share our love for Provençal living food and the art of living. Enhance your grilled meats with our delicious white wine mustard. Share good times with friends over a glass of rosé and some olives grown on the estate. What a pleasure to dip a tomato and garlic biscuit into one of our green olive spreads. Looking to spice up a dish? Use one of our products to diversify the flavors. Transport your guests to the heart of Provence by adding some sun dried tomatoes. Or, try adding our onion confit to any of your fish, meat, or vegetables dishes. Our savory deli offers quality products with ingredients from the estate. Each of these items can be enjoyed alone or as a compliment to a gourmet meal.

Products that are meant to be shared

Our array of savory products are intended to be shared as an appetizer or to be used in the kitchen to enhance your dishes. Tasting these savory specialties is participating in the southern art of living. We are proud to offer you quality products that are grown on our land and processed on our estate.