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Typical recipes from the Marseille region

When we think of Provence, we think of cicadas, lavender, or the singing accent of its people. At Château Virant, our land also reminds us of traditional culinary specialties. These are the foods that we grew up with and which we will pass on to our children. Our sparkling wines can go with a savory pie or with a sweet king's cake. A simple potato salad can be enhanced by a drizzle of our olive oil. Imagine a vegetable casserole slowly caramelizing while our artisanal oil diffuses its sweet scents. The flavors that you will find here represent the traditional flavors of Provençal specialties. Those that all the children of the south of France know, from the Niçoise salad to the tarte tropézienne to the prawns to the pastis. Our entire selection of select items will bring a Provencal flair to your cuisine.

Traditional dishes made with love

In Provence, our gastronomic culture is not limited to fresh vegetables in the summer and thirteen desserts during the holiday season. Our traditional dishes are all prepared with love. They come from complex recipes. Each family has its culinary secrets and they are closely guarded. These secrets can be as detailed as the cooking time of an egg to accompany the aioli or the mystery ingredient that gives all the flavor to the pesto spread. Special dishes require special attention. Both ratatouille and eggplant caviar develop their flavors thanks to decisions made during preparation. Of course, Provencal recipes would be nothing without the herbs of Provence. Thyme, rosemary...or any of the herbs that Provençal people collect during family walks on the Sainte-Victoire on Sunday afternoon. It is these fresh herbs that provide a distinct flavor to their cuisine. Provence is rich in its gastronomic specialties. We also love to share dishes, like our home grown olives accompanied by a good white wine. Each family has its own version of the specialties of the south of France. These are recipes that have evolved from Languedoc to the Alpes Maritimes. No matter where the recipe originates from, what makes it most enjoyable is sharing it with family and friends.

A range of products, the expression of the estate

Château Virant has selected special products for you to enhance your meals with the flavors of Provence. Each item here offers a unique taste experience. Take the time to discover our selections of wines, oils and Provençal specialties. These products are sure to delight all who love the good life.