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How do you make a white wine in France ?

Contrary to popular belief, white wine doesn’t have to be made from light-skinned grapes. Indeed, the dark flesh of pinot noir can produce a white wine if the grape is vinified without its skin and processed immediately after harvest. This is the case for the so-called “blanc de noir” (white from black) champagnes. The white wines of Château Virant are vinified and aged at the estate from grape varieties that have been grown here on our Provencal estate. We mainly harvest the Rolle, Ugni blanc, Bourboulenc and Clairette grape varieties. Some of our wines are enhanced with noble Chardonnay varieties as well. This particular grape variety, widely used in Burgundy, is an essential ingredient in the development of some of our wines. It is the winegrowers who tend so carefully to their vines who are able to produce such complex wines with unique aromas. Next comes the work in the cellar, where the cellar master uses traditional artisanal methods to process and bottle the wine. All of our wine production methods, in the vineyards and in the cellar, reflect the dedication to our land and to our craft. The wines available from the Château Virant estate present an entry point leading to the true discovery of Provençal products.

French White wines

White wine is very popular in France and is known around the world. There are the essentials, such as Sauvignon blanc, harvested in the Loire region, which develops mineral notes and presents an unparalleled freshness on the palate. The Alsace region presents the sweet and fruity riesling and gewurztraminer wines. No matter where wines come from, they always showcase the particular characteristics of their native region. Thus, a white wine from Pessac-Léognan will be radically different from a white wine from Provence. Each estate instills a bit of its identity with each bottle. White wines perfectly compliment fish or other white meats, but we also believe that white wines are the most diverse of all wines. That is why we offer a range of dry, fruity wines to pair easily with a wide variety of your dishes. Our wines are made with grapes grown and harvested here, on our estate. Our vineyards produce grapes with aromatic typicity of Provence. Our white wines, with a complex and intoxicating bouquet reminiscent of great Côtes-du-Rhône wines, will brighten up all of your meals. The gourmet aromas developed by our grapes will satisfy the finest gourmets among you.

A fruity, floral range

The white wines of Château Virant are made right here on our estate with grape varieties typical of our region. With each vintage, we continue to preserve the traditions and expertise of our Château Virant wine makers. Our white wines are made with respect for authentic craftsmanship and are certain to deliver an unforgettable tasting experience.