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Château Virant wines present an unforgettable experience: a journey through the vineyards of our estate. Consider our red wines, for example. You will be delighted by their delicacy, reminiscent of a Crozes-Hermitage. It is the work of our artisan winemakers that gives our wines such exceptional taste qualities. Each bottle of wine is made right here, in the heart of the château. Our vines grow cradled by the Provencal sun and draw their character from our unique soil. Each wine offers a different experience, depending on the vintage, and will present you with an authentic and an unforgettable experience. Our wines proudly stand with the great wines of Burgundy, Bordeaux, and the Loire Valley. The purchase of a Château Virant wine will allow you a singular pleasure: the chance to experience the flavors and craftsmanship of our Provence.

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Here, you will find our entire selection of red, white, and rosé wines. Our offerings comprise a variety of artisanal products that will delight even the finest gourmets. We work year round to bring you authentic flavors to discover from the moment you open the bottle until you drink the last drop. If you are looking to buy a special gift, or if you just have a personal desire to try something new, you will find what you need here. Today, our wines are among the most renowned in the south east of France because we have managed to preserve our authenticity while offering an ever varied selection. Buying a Château Virant wine will expose you to the flavors of our classic products. Connoisseurs will be delighted by our traditional offerings and by the freshness of products, including our sparkling wines, made using the Champagne method. And for the wine lover, what could be better than tasting a fresh rosé from Provence in the summer? Our climate and our unique soil conditions have ensured the taste quality of our wines for years. Ancestral techniques, typical of our region and passed down to each generation, allow us to bottle Provence with each vintage.

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Château Virant captures the essence of Provence in each bottle. Purchasing our wine allows you to experience our estate first hand. Located to the west of Sainte-Victoire, our estate offers wines that proudly stand with the well known Châteauneuf du Pape and wines of Bordeaux. Taste our selection of wines, and treat yourself to a journey through Provence today.