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PDO Aix-en-Provence wines

All the wines here in this category are labeled PDO Aix-en-Provence. We have obtained this distinction after a great deal of effort. For years, we have focused on the quality of our products and our production methods in order to offer you the finest wines. The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) distinction is only granted after meeting strict specifications. Our grape varieties, soil, and our vinification process are all scrutinized by experts. The PDO label also rewards the authenticity and taste qualities of a product. To live up to this esteemed label, we must produce quality wines and they must be produced here, in Provence. Our artisan winegrowers labor daily to produce wines worthy of the PDO label. Our PDO wines encompass all of the typicity of our Provençal terroir through an intense and varied aromatic palette. The wines in this esteemed category have been vinified from grapes grown on the estate nurtured under the Provencal sun. Our PDO wines express our love for wine as well as our respect for the soil and for the craftsmanship that guide our winemaking process.

Our selection of PDO wines

Our range of PDO Aix-en-Provence wines includes a variety of accessible quality wines. To obtain this distinguished label, we must grow and harvest our grapes according to strict rules. By using traditional Provençal grape varieties and incorporating generations of winemaking expertise, we have been able to obtain such an honor. Our Syrah, Grenache, Rolle, and Carignan grape varieties are the foundation of our quality wines. It is upon this strong foundation that we have created multiple, award-winning wines. In 2019, our rosé won a silver medal at the Mondial du vin rosé. Our red has won several medals at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris. At the Château Virant estate, we produce expressive wines, typical of our region and its appellation. The taste qualities of our PDO wines will delight connoisseurs. Whether you want to complete your cellar or share a good time with loved ones, our PDO wines are a perfect choice.

Quality wine with a prestigious label

Château Virant's mission is to make quality wines accessible to all. We preserve authentic winemaking methods using traditional grape varieties grown on our estate. The result of those efforts are found here, in our PDO range of wines. We are proud to bear the noble distinction PDO Aix-en Provence.