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A portrait of Château Virant

In our Signature collection, you will find a range of expressive wines. Those who know our estate well can easily identify our wines from thousands of others. Typically Provençal, these wines have character. The rosés present a fresh, crisp taste while the whites will enchant you with their voluptuousness. The reds reveal a complex aromatic palette, expressing notes of stewed red fruits, spices and fresh herbs. These wines highlight our love for our estate and for our region. Tasting these vintages will allow you to taste the results of the work of our artisan winegrowers. Simply put, these wines tell you who we are. Of course, these wines also present the chance to discover the wines of Aix-en-Provence in a fun way. The wines of the signature range are fresh and full of life. Easy to drink, they will help you discover the expertise of our winegrowers as well as the land that is so dear to us.

Wines that tell a story

Our Signature wines come from carefully selected plots of land on the estate. Through these vintages, we pass on our respect for traditions and our love for Provençal wines. These wines symbolize the knowledge of our artisans as well as our southern heritage. Any Signature wine will bring you into the world of Château Virant. While we are steeped in history, these wines are timeless. These vintages will accompany you for tastings with friends or for the most special occasions. The Signature range offers you a chance to discover the aromatic qualities of an artisanal Provençal wine. The wines present here express our attachment to our land. Each bottle will give you an honest expression of this expertise that we hold so dear.

Wines from the passion of the vine

These wines convey a message, one that the winemakers of Château Virant and the Cheylan family want to leave for posterity. These expressive wines made from grapes grown and vinified in Provence, symbolize our passion for what we do. Come and discover a sincere expression of our love for our land and our profession.