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Dark grape varieties and intense aromas : the typicity of the Champagne method

The Champagne method is the traditional wine-making method of the Champagne region. This signature method produces sparkling wines with sweet and fruity aromas. While today we find sparkling wines throughout France, it is more rare to taste a wine resulting from the true Champagne production method. To be classified as true Champagne, wines must be made from a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay grape varieties. However, the Champagne making technique does not rely on grape variety. Rather, it consists of a first fermentation in a tank, then the addition of a small amount of sugar, followed by a second fermentation after bottling. This champagne making process results in a wide variety of sparkling wines of all colors around the world. The Bordeaux region, for example, produces delicious sparkling rosés just like the Languedoc Roussillon. Most Champagnes are not vintage because it is customary to blend vintages from different years in order to maintain constant quality. In the heart of our Provençal valley, we produce sparkling white and rosé wines. It is the second fermentation that creates the aromatic complexity. This is the secret of the traditional method of making Champagne.

Wines vinified using the Champagne method in France

The Champagne vinification method is used throughout France and around the world. This is why you can taste sparkling rosé wines from all over the world. The bubbles which give all this charm to the wine come from the release of carbon dioxide in the bottle during the second fermentation. Bottles are then placed in the cellar while the bubbles form. The Champagne method is popular in Burgundy, in the Loire Valley, and also in Alsace and Provence. Thanks to the carbon dioxide bubbles, this vinification method helps to develop a complex aromatic palette and a freshness sure to awaken the taste buds of all gourmets. To complete your cellar, choose a sparkling wine made here, on our estate from Provençal grape varieties.

The finesse of the bubbles and the delicacy of the aromas

The Champagne method is a treasure of French gastronomic heritage. At Château Virant, we are proud to use this traditional method to bring finesse and bubbles to our wines. These wines are also the result of our desire--to share our traditions and to offer pleasure to you.