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Wines to taste every day

We developed this range of wines in order to create a collection of wine that is accessible to both amateurs and experienced tasters. Whether you are looking for an introduction to wine tasting or you are searching for a new taste experience, you will find a wine here to meet your expectations. The wines in this range are made with the same know-how and the same attention to detail as our most prestigious vintages. They are all made with grapes from our estate. Each bottle contains flavors developed from fruit that has grown on our sunny vineyards caressed by the mistral winds. These are easy-to-drink wines, made without neglecting quality. These wines are the purest expression of the philosophy of the Cheylan family and make the perfect accompaniment to family meals as well as to aperitifs with friends.

Winegrowers inspired by IGP

Château Virant is a major player in the Aix-en-Provence PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) region. A guarantee of quality and respect for ancestral craftsmanship, the PDO label nevertheless imposes specific restrictions on our artisans. To be able to experiment and unleash our creative potential, we have developed several wines under the IGP Méditerranée designation. This label does guarantee a link between a product and its land of origin, but it also allows the winegrower more freedom in developing the wine itself. This label allows the winemakers of Château Virant to present a selection of accessible wines while expressing their expertise in a creative, independent way. The IGP guarantees the use of certain grape varieties such as Syrah, Grenache or Chardonnay in white wines. It also guarantees the origin of the grape as well as the quality of the wine, characteristics that were already dear to Château Virant even before the existence of the IGP. 

Wines to learn and have fun

The artisan winemakers of Château Virant make affordable, quality vintages to delight the finest connoisseurs. The pleasure range includes wines to be enjoyed on a daily basis with family or friends. Produced in the heart of Provence, these vintages are ideal for a wine tasting or a meal with friends. The wines of our estate are diverse and will accompany everything from your Sunday dinners to your Friday aperitifs.