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The Legendary Wines of Château Virant

Located in Provence for generations, the Château Virant estate is one of the most well known vineyards in the region. Thanks to the talent of our artisan winemakers, we have today become a true symbol of Provence. Here, our wines are truly an expression of our region. Our whites and rosés contain a freshness and minerality that directly comes from vines grown in our unique clay-limestone soil, while our red wines derive from grapes tended by the Provencal sun giving them a rich, expressive aromatic palate.We offer a range of typically Provencal wines sot hat while you enjoy a glass, you will have the impression of walking through a Mediterranean market in summertime. Our legendary offerings are guaranteed to take you on a taste journey through the south of France.

The Legendary Olive Oils of Château Virant

If there is one product that perfectly represents Provence, it is the olive oil of the Château Virant estate. For more than 20 years, the estate’s mill has turned the fruit into an exquisite oil. We care for our olives and give the fruit time to develop its exquisite flavor. At harvest time, our craftsmen use their expertise to make oils in the purest tradition, pressing and processing all olives at our mill on the estate. The flavors of our oils will take you on a taste journey through Provence. We work throughout the year to tend to our olive grove, our fruits, and our land. The result of our care is a curated variety of items that will allow you to make gourmet food and oil pairings as satisfying as food and wine pairings. Because of the careful attention we pay to our craft, we have the most frequently awarded olive oil in France in our category. 

Our Products, Our Pride

The products in this category serve as the foundation of our reputation. Our oils, vinegars, and wines are all made in Provence using products from our estate. All of our red, white, and rosé wines, as well as our vinegar and oils, are crafted to offer you an organic Provencal experience. Discover our range of legendary products and the bounty of gourmet pairings it will provide.