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Where does the aging capacity of a wine come from ?

Many factors are considered when determining the aging capacity of a wine. The first and most important is the expertise of the artisan winemaker. It all starts in the vineyard. The grape must receive the attention it needs to develop the aromatic complexity that will make it capable of evolving through time. But, it is not simply the passage of time that makes a good wine. The wine must be capable of revealing new aromas as time passes. To achieve this, we use only particular grape varieties. Beaujolais Gamay tends to express its flavors immediately, while our Syrah, Grenache and Cabernet-Sauvignon grape varieties need storage time to reveal their full potential. The best wines for storage are often reds because their tannins maintain taste balance year after year. Finally, storage conditions are also essential to the aging process. Whether it is a Bordeaux, a Burgundy or a wine from the Provençal region, it is vital that wine is kept in the cellar or in a climate-controlled environment.

The effects of long aging on wine

Extended aging on a quality wine allows the wine to express its full aromatic potential. Wine preservation and micro-oxygenation processes allow the wine to release its aromatic complexity. Over time, the flavors develop, the tannins gain a patina, and the wine becomes even more delicious. This is why some wines taste better a few years after vinification. Some grape varieties do not fully express their optimal taste qualities until much time has passed in the cellar. Keeping wine is an art in itself, requiring a cellar or an aging cabinet. It is not enough to simply buy wine for aging. To keep a wine for up to several decades, you have to control the temperature, light, and humidity of the place of the storage space. The wines from our estate will reveal their optimal taste qualities within 3 to 5 years. White wines can generally be consumed more quickly because the tannins, which are almost absent, do not need time to develop. If we age a wine, it is done to release its aromatic complexity. The pleasure of tasting an old wine is incomparable. Our winegrowers blend the grape varieties to produce wines with strong aging potential. The wines of our estate will take you on a taste journey of Provence.

Wine to keep for patient pleasure

Buying a wine for aging is a two-way promise. You are committing to providing the wine with the right conditions for proper aging. At Château Virant, we are committed to giving you a memorable tasting experience. These wines are the fruit of the labor of Provencal craftsmen. Aged under the sun, these wines will express their full potential within 3 to 5 years.