Aged in OAK barrels

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An exceptional estate and with exceptional soil

For years, the Château Beauferan estate was neglected. Left abandoned in the hills of Velaux, near Aix-en-Provence, the vineyards, the cellar, and the castle all silently watched the years go by. In 2014, the Cheylan family bought the property, realizing its incredible potential. The early harvests revealed what the family knew to be true: the soil was perfect for growing grapes with exceptional flavors. Grown on chalky hillsides, these vines thrive in the rocky soil bathed in the warm sunshine. It is these conditions that allow the grapes to develop rich, powerful, and unique flavors. Today, the Cheylan family is fighting to restore pride to this once noble estate. The wine bearing its name will make that happen. Already, the Château Beauferan wines stand out as some of the best vintages in our cellar. 

One of our best wines

The potential of Château Beauferan is hidden in its rocky soil. The fruits of the vines grown in these vineyards develop outstanding taste qualities. Vinified in the historic cellars of Château Virant, these grapes express a unique, full flavor. The grapes age in oak barrels, bringing a roundness and structure to their wines. To make the Château Beauferan wines, we use Provençal grape varieties. Our white wines are vinified from Rolle and Clairette grapes. These grapes will give their wines buttery, vanilla flavors. Our red wines, made with Syrah and Cabernet grape varieties, develop notes of red fruit and spices. Our reds are known for their length in the mouth and their supple tannins which pair well with wild game especially. Finally, the rosé wine expresses aromas of cherry and strawberry. Each wine contains its own unique aromas and flavors. However, it is the taste qualities of the Château Beauferan wines that have enabled them to win numerous local and national awards.

An exceptional, typically Provençal wine

Recently revived by the Cheylan family, Château Beauferan wines are today some of the best vintages in our collection. The limestone slopes of the Velaux hillside give the grapes the most astonishing aromatic palette. These wines, to taste or to showcase as part of a collection, will delight discerning gourmets. These wines are for any occasion, from informal tastings to the most special events.