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The history of the estate

Steeped in Provencal history, our estate is named for the rock castle that was built into the nearby mountainside centuries ago. Archeological findings in the area signal that in ancient times, this region was a place of wine trade. Remnants of this building are still visible on our property. It was only in the 1970s that the Cheylan family acquired this estate, which at the time was abandoned. Since then, our winegrowers have worked tirelessly to make quality wines from the grapes grown here on our property. It is this love of the land and our artisanal expertise that have made Château Virant one of the most important wine producers in Provence. Today, the estate is a major player in the region, earning many awards and distinctions. Any of our red, white or rosé wines perfectly conveys our philosophy: We strive to make quality wines accessible to everyone. The wines that you will find here perfectly represent this concept. Our wines contain astonishing aromatic palettes. They are ideal to be enjoyed daily as a compliment to a meal or as an aperitif. If you are interested in learning more about wine, our eponymous offerings will serve as the perfect foundation for any wine tasting.

Our eponymous wines

The wines that you will find in this category all bear the name of the Château Virant estate. All of our wines are typically Provençal wines with intense aromas full of character. Each one represents our Mediterranean roots. These accessible wines represent the philosophy of the Cheylan family: Good wine is for everyone. At the same time, the qualities of our wines also make them a treat for any special occasion. Château Virant wines have earned many awards. We have been recognized with the IGP Méditerranée, indicating that our wines are made in a traditional Provençal style. Our wines are consistently rewarded in local and national competitions for their aromatic qualities. Over the years, our wines have won several medals at the Général Agricole in Paris, a select national competition. Locally, we have won distinctions in the Aix-en-Provence wine competition, which recognizes the best vintages by category in the region. The wines of Château Virant are prized by Provençal people for their taste qualities and their versatility. We are proud to offer wines that can be enjoyed throughout the meal, from aperitif to dessert.

In conclusion

Château Virant is a historic Provençal estate. We are proud to be recognized by name. And that is not by chance. Our reputation is built by the winemakers of Château Virant who work to offer you wines that reflect their expertise as well as the character of our land. The aromatic palette offered by our Virant Estate wines will enhance everything from the biggest celebrations to the simplest meal.