Enterprise and Discovery is a national association that recognizes excellence among “Made in France” products. The Expertise of Excellence label was created by the Enterprise and Discovery organization in 2012 and today this label identifies excellence in over 2,000 companies, all of which are open to the general public.

The Enterprise and Discovery organization now has 400 members and collaborates with the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Culture.

Since 2019, this label has identified Château Virant as one of the 100 most beautiful French estates showcasing expertise in traditional craftsmanship.

Provence is known for its sunny landscape and also for its vines and olive trees.

The South of France has been an olive oil producing region for generations. This is a region that combines ancestral know-how with traditional farming methods and tools and modern equipment. This combination of old and new is what brings a unique aspect of olive oil production to our estate.

We also find in Provence a good production of wine, thanks to the favorable climate, the quality of the soil and the grape varieties, and the traditional methods used to manufacture and age the wines.

Château Virant is renowned both nationally and internationally for our high quality products, the vast knowledge of our olive oil production methods, and the craftsmanship of our team.

The architecture and buildings on the Château Virant property have been renovated to preserve their original charm and history, which is especially dear to the Cheylan family. Our cellar, where the wines are made, dates from the 17th century. An old sheep barn from the same period was renovated in 2003 and transformed into a reception hall, while maintaining its original architectural integrity and charm. Today, this special venue hosts seminars, weddings, parties, and even cooking classes!

Our estate is open to visitors every day free of charge. Visitors can stroll the vineyards and olive groves or tour the Museum of the Vine and the Olive Tree to learn about the history of our property and our products. Guests can also participate in wine and olive oil tastings, supervised by a member of our team or even of the Cheylan family.

All of us at Château Virant are delighted to greet visitors, to share our various manufacturing techniques, to provide “behind the scenes” information about products, and to highlight our work on the estate. For the Cheyland family, it is a pleasure to share the family’s story and the story of their legacy in the wine and olive oil industries.

Some visitors may have the chance to meet a member of the Cheylan family while strolling around the estate. The family will always take the time to share their multi-generational story with guests.