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Rosé: A Treasure of Provence

When it comes to Provençal wines, rosé is the crown jewel. Often underappreciated, the aromatic floral bouquet found in rosé wine makes it a natural accompaniment to many dishes. When paired with fish or white meats, for example, rosé will reveal an astonishing aromatic intensity. Rosé is a true regional treasure to be discovered and savored, and the rosé wines of Château Virant perfectly compliment Provençal cuisine. Our rosés pay homage to our land and to the craftsmanship of our winemakers. The classic pink hue of our rosé ranges from a delicate pastel to a deep salmon, depending on the harvest. Each color presents a different type of tasting delight. The rosé wines produced in the Var or Aix-en-Provence regions derive their aromas from the unique grape varieties grown here under the frequent sunshine. At Château Virant, you will find a wide variety of wines to savor. You may be especially surprised by our sparkling rosé, crafted in a process similar to that of Champagne. Provence is proud of its rosé wines, and Château Virant is proud to be one of the top producers of Provençal roses.

How to Enjoy Rosé?

Some of our rosés are produced from grape varieties with red skin, such as Syrah, Grenache, or Cinsault. Rosé can also be made from light-skinned grape varieties or with a mixture of red and white grape varieties, depending on the flavor required. To make a rosé, the grapes must be pressed very quickly to maintain their unique quality and flavor. It is the immediate pressing of the harvest which extracts the aromas of the grape that gives rosé its signature palette as well as its distinctive pink color. Rosé is best enjoyed chilled in order to fully appreciate the fruity, floral notes present in this special Provençal wine. We recommend using an ice bucket to keep the wine cool rather than attempting to pour wine over ice cubes in a glass, which will distort the natural aroma. We offer a range of rosés, each with its own scent and bouquet unique to the vineyards of Château Virant. Our range of rosés, with grapes grown in the Provençal sun and harvested by our expert winegrowers, is guaranteed to satisfy any Provençal wine lover. Made from grapes grown on our very own Provençal hillside vineyards, our rosés will bring the freshness of summer to every meal.

Château Virant: The Gold Standard of Provençal Rosé

The rosé wines produced by Château Virant are among the best in our region and indeed in all of France. Our award-winning wines reflect our attachment to our land and our commitment to our wine making expertise. Rich in Provençal aromas and flavors, our rosés will serve as the perfect compliment to your meals throughout the year.