Provence has been in the DNA of the Cheylan family since the 17th century. For more than five generations, the grape vine and the olive tree have served integral roles in the family’s identity and daily life.
When the Cheylan family bought Château Virant in 1974, they did so as an opportunity to extend their ancestral traditions. Every day, they work the vineyards and olive groves with humility, the very same land their ancestors knew so well generations ago.

Each member of the Cheylan family participates in the daily workings of the estate. Authenticity and the desire for excellence guide all of their efforts. Each generation has contributed their own dedication and vision to the Château. The first generation to farm the land acquired deep knowledge of the fruits and the soil. They researched and developed the best techniques to yield a bountiful harvest. The next generation expanded the business, adding new technologies to increase quality production. The current generation works to perpetuate and expand upon these traditions to guide and inspire future generations.

The Cheylan family represents Provence, both old and new. They appreciate the depth of traditional roots as a strong anchor to their past, but they also recognize the need to evolve and grow in order to maintain quality products as the world changes.

The knowledge and wisdom of this family is reflected in its products. Their oils and wines are diverse and dynamic. So many things contribute to the success at Château Virant: optimal growing conditions, artisanal expertise, and a Provencal passion for sharing food with friends. It is with this spirit of pride and generosity that the Cheylan family would like to welcome you to their estate.

At Château Virant, we are proud to use traditional methods in wine making, but we also use the most recent technology to ensure a perfect vintage. We have learned what tools are important. It is ultimately the expertise of our artisans that guides a fruitful harvest.

The buildings on our estate may be imposing, but the rhythms of our daily workings are simple and efficient. Work is the keystone of the Château Virant estate.

Each member of the family contributes to the production of wine and oil.

Robert Cheylan (born 1947) serves as the indispensable head of the family, leading with an iron will, a strong attention to detail, and an incredible capacity for work. He always serves as an example. He enjoys welcoming visitors to the estate. He likes to organize deliveries and enjoys participating fully in the daily workings of the Château. He says modestly, “I play a little part,” but what a precious little part it is because it is one of experience and dedication.

Noële Cheylan (born in 1948) still runs guided tours of the estate and loves to share her stories of the Château with visitors. Modestly, she invites all guests to taste wines and enjoy the atmosphere of the estate. She still provides administrative support, and her love for the estate remains steadfast. “I gave a lot for Château Virant, and today it is my privilege to do what is needed when I am asked.”

Pascale Cheylan (born in 1969) has full responsibility for the vineyard and olive groves. He is proud to be “a peasant’ in the most noble sense of the word. He loves the land, and he loves to see the grapes ripen and the olives mature. He appears everywhere on the estate, and it isn’t rare to see him in the wine cellar. He and his team are in the field every day and leave nothing to chance. It is often complicated to deal with nature and other challenges of the industry, but he remains passionate about his profession.

Christine Cheylan (born in 1970) returned to France in 1996 to develop olive oil production for the Château. Today, while her role has evolved more towards global management, her passion for the estate makes her the perfect ambassador for Château Virant products in France and abroad. For nothing in the world would she miss the production of “green gold” from the land of her ancestors. Love for olive oil is in her blood, and it is this product that remains her primary passion.

The new generation is learning the craft as well.

Nicholas (born in 1993), son of Pascal, follows in his father’s footsteps, learning about all of the general workings of the estate. It is Pascale’s pleasure to pass on his knowledge to his son, just as his father passed his knowledge to him years earlier.

Charlotte (born in 1996) is Christine’s daughter. Her studies in agricultural engineering and oenology have led her to become involved in the technical aspects of production as well as in the traditional activities of the estate.

Finally, Sébastien (born in 1978), is the cellar master at Château Virant and is like a member of the family. He calls himself “a pure Château Virant product” and that is a valid description. For more than 20 years, he has managed the wine cellar, and he knows every nook and cranny of that important space. His commitment to his craft has helped to ensure quality production on the estate for years.