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The wooden crate, typical of large estates

Originally, wine was sold in barrels. Wooden crate packaging appeared at the same time as the creation of the glass bottle, which had to be protected for transport. With time, crates were often replaced by cardboard. However, wooden boxes are still used to transport bottles, magnums, and other large volume containers. This is especially true for large estates which prefer the use of robust wood, to protect the wine inside. In addition to being used to organize your cellar, wooden boxes have now become a decorative element and a conversation piece. A wooden box can make a great kitchen shelf. Or, put several together to make a coffee table that offers insights on your select wine tastes.

Our bottles and cases on sale

Some bottles of Château Virant wine are sold in wooden cases to make transportation easier. After purchase, choose to place it in your cellar to age or open it and taste the wines inside immediately. It all depends on the aging potential of the wine and your personal taste preferences. The conservation of the wine in these boxes makes it possible to taste a vintage years later. If you would like to give an original gift, try one of our wooden wine boxes. These boxes can also become decorative elements in your own home. A wooden case stamped "Château Virant" in your house will affirm your tastes for wines from Provence and will serve as a conversational piece for all visitors.

Practical storage or atypical decoration ?

Château Virant's wooden wine boxes work as a storage solution for your cellar and as contemporary, authentic decorative accessories for your home. Store your wine and cooking books inside and impress your guests with a piece that exudes epicureanism. Or fill the box with a bottle of our wine and home made specialties from our estate to create a gift box that will delight any gourmet.