In 2001, we re-imagined the 17th century sheep barn on the property into a multi-purpose reception hall. This old structure was still standing, but it was in poor condition. In taking on this renovation project, the Cheylan Family hoped to create something beautiful, while maintaining the integrity of the original building.

The family worked hard to preserve the authenticity of the building by preserving the original Provençal architecture. The hall maintains its original 4 vaulted arches, dry stone walls, and terracotta roof tiles. It is a warm, friendly place that maintains the “bones” of the original structure.

Inside, in particular places the walls are an ocher color. This reveals that in these places, a water basin once existed. It was originally this basin that supplied the property with the necessary water to irrigate the fields, to water the animals, and to quench the thirst of workers.

A fireplace has been installed as part of the renovations. It diffuses a gentle heat and a warm ambience to the hall on cold winter evenings.

This room is suitable for any special event: family reunions, baptisms, birthdays, or weddings.

Rent the reception hall

Rent the reception hall


During the day, we host seminars and business meetings.

The hall also provides room for business meetings, luncheons, dinners, or cocktail parties. Also, the acoustics in the hall are perfect for concerts or recitals.

The outdoor terrace and gardens are ideal for relaxation. The atmosphere is intimate and magical. In the summer, our estate property offers the perfect setting to appreciate the sweetness of the evening and the beauty of the moonlight. The setting sun in the west bathes the property with dazzling colors, providing a magical backdrop for evening cocktails.

Between buildings on the property, our gardens offer the simple beauty of a Provencal landscape: groves of olive trees, fields of lavender, and heavily scented rosemary bushes. Nearby, the vineyards and olive groves provide an exceptional panorama and present a beautiful background for photographs.

Finally, we offer a large car park for guests. Fun fact: this car park sometimes turns into a bowling green for a frenzied game of pétanque!

Our banquet hall size allows enough space for caterers to operate with ease and smoothly orchestrate planned events.

Our room can accommodate 100 people seated. For cocktails, the banquet hall can comfortably fit 200 guests. If the doors remain open, the terrace and the gardens can also become an additional place for guests to gather.

The reception hall of Château Virant is a generous, evocative, and charming space that makes the perfect location for a business luncheon, a family reunion, or a wedding.

Moreover, several times a year, at Château Virant, we use this space to showcase our products and services. We offer special evenings here, such as themed meals or seminars on olive oil. But the favorite event of the Cheylan family remains the annual lottery that takes place here each year for their team. On this special night, all of the employees of Château Virant gather and are randomly awarded select prizes for their hard word throughout the year. It is an evening of joy and delight for everyone.