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In the Mediterranean basin, olive oil is sometimes nicknamed "green gold" for its nutritional and health benefits. Often seen as a cure for everything, versatile olive oil provides all the fatty acids your body needs. Best of all, it is an easy food to integrate into your daily cooking. Here, you will find books with all of our recipes and tips for preparing delicious dishes that will bring the flavors of the Mediterranean into your dining room. From the pages of our books, you will learn how we make the extra virgin olive oil that is so dear to us. This is an expertise imitated as far as New Zealand, but never equaled. You will learn how the fruit of the olive tree becomes a food and a natural remedy. The recipes here will teach you the art of eating in the Mediterranean style, for those who subscribe to the “Cretan diet.” You will also learn about the flavor of Provençal fruits and vegetables, and about the subtlety of the aromatic combinations. These books created by Christine Cheylan of Château Virant will serve as a personal guide for you through the cuisine and products of Provence.

From olive oils to a range of wines, come discover the flavors of Provence

The finest gourmets know that when you open up to new culinary experiences, you can develop your palate and learn to appreciate new combinations of flavors. Exploring Mediterranean cuisine will take you on a taste journey around the world. Our books highlight the products that we make on our estate in our corner of the globe. Each dish, each oil, each wine presents flavors typical of Provence. Lovers of literature will recognize the region described in the novels of Marcel Pagnol. Each recipe presents a journey to our land. These flavors will guide you to bask under the southern sun as you taste the products of our château. The books found here will allow you to discover, learn, and appreciate the subtleties of our olive oils. They will give you an understanding of oleology. While the oils and wines produced at the estate nourish your body and your heart, our books will work to nourish your spirit. Our books will teach you to cook with olive oils and wines with ease.

Château Virant shares its knowledge with you

Château Virant offers you these books with the intention of preserving Provençal gastronomic traditions. Each book will guide you through our region and immerse you in the culinary life of the Cheylan Family. To be consumed without moderation, these books will help you to develop your palate and will also make the perfect gift for all foodies in search of knowledge.