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What is an Olive Oil with a “Fruity Green” taste ?

Where do the delicate aromas of our fruity green olive oils come from? Those delicious aromas begin in the olive grove, long before the harvest. We carefully tend to our fruit trees throughout the year, monitoring our soil and our fruit in an ongoing commitment to quality. To achieve optimal flavor, we harvest our olives at the start of the season, in mid-October. We process those olives immediately, allowing for the capture of fresh notes in the fruit so particular to this variety of olive oil. The delicate, fresh bitterness of this oil is guaranteed to delight even the most experienced gourmets. It is precisely this complexity that makes this oil suitable for a variety of cold and hot dishes.

What Regions Produce Fruity Green Olive Oil ?

Although it is the largest and most well known. Provence is not the only olive producing region in France. Many smaller farms around the country produce the fruity green oils, including regions in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes. Oils with the fruity green taste are also found throughout the Mediterranean basin, reflecting the strong European tradition of olive oil production and craftsmanship.

Fresh and Delicious Aromas Crafted from Local Products

Located in the heart of Provence, Château Virant produces its fruity green olive oils with respect for traditional artisanal methods. We know that a well cared for olive tree yields the highest quality fruit. Harvested early in the season and pressed immediately afterwards, this olive oil delivers an herbal aromatic bouquet with a slight bitterness, giving it its distinctive personality. Château Virant oils all come from a dedicated effort-one that begins in our olive grove.