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The Many Varieties of Olive Oils

While there are more than 1,000 varieties of olives around the world, they are not all used to make olive oil. Just as we differentiate a grape used for wine from a grape used for snacking, we must also separate olives used to make olive oil from those we eat whole. There is equal diversity among the olives used to make oil. For example, in Provence, we grow Anglandau, Cavanne, and Salonenque olives. These olives are unique to our land and will not be found in the olive rich regions of Corsica or Ardèche. Each variety tells a different story about its unique territory through the fragrances it delivers. For example, the Cailletier variety invites us to stroll around Nice, between the sea and the mountains, while the Sabine or Ghermana varieties offer flavors typical of the beautiful island of Corsica. At Château Virant, we produce monovarietal oils from the olives native to our region. With our Provencal oils, we are sharing with you flavors that signify the essence of Provence.

The Benefits of a Monovarietal Oil

Each of our fruits tells the story of Château Virant and of Provencal land. Each of our monovarietal olive oils offers a different aromatic bouquet depending on the type of olives used. Tasting these oils amounts to discovering the taste qualities of the fruit in its purest form. As you pour the oil, you will note its beautiful color and complex scents. As you taste it, you will note its complex palate. You will learn to discover which variety best suits your personal tastes. You may find that you prefer an oil with a golden color or one with fresh, bitter notes. No matter what you choose, a monovarietal olive oil is above all a true expression of the land that it comes from.

Each Variety Contains Incomparable Flavors

Château Virant monovarietal olive oils invite you on a taste journey to the heart of our estate. These oils will assert their character by the subtle but unique flavors of the particular type of olive used in the pressing. Whether you are an amateur looking to learn about olive oils or you are a foodie looking for the perfect oil to compliment your gourmet meal, our monovarietal olive oils will be the perfect match.