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What is Fruity Ripe Olive Oil ? How Does it Differ from Other Olive Oils ?

We speak of a fruity or ripe olive oil as one that comes from olives that are picked at optimum maturity, at the end of the season when the fruit has lost water and has a higher concentration of oil. This late picking gives the fruit time to develop smoother aromas and produces a “rounder” oil, redolent with aromas of ripe fruit. You will find little of the bitterness typically associated with the “green fruity” olive oils, which are traditionally seen as more of a robust oil. In our fruity ripe oils, you can see that the sun, the wind, and the climate of southern France have worked their magic-the fresh aroma of this oil gives way to notes of ripe fruits and even of candied apples. The aromatic power of these fruity ripe oils present endless food pairing possibilities.

Which Regions Present This Type of Oil ?

When we talk about olive oil, we immediately think of Provence, with its hot summer nights and cicada songs. Indeed, we are one of the biggest olive oil producing regions in all of France. But, we are not the only region to offer an oil with a fruity ripe taste. The Corsica and Nyon regions produce a fruity ripe olive oil as well. North African countries such as Tunisia and Morocco also specialize in fruity ripe oils because their climate is also ideal for a late harvest. To make a good fruity ripe oil, it is essential that olives be harvested at the right time for the fruit to yield optimal results. Producing this type of oil requires the right climate as well as a deep understanding of olive growing and harvesting techniques.

Craftsmanship as the Foundation of our Estate

Château Virant places the passion of its artisans at the heart of its products. Our olive growers know how to be patient to wait for the perfect ripening of the fruit that will yield the best harvest. Our olive oil draws its aromatic bouquet from the Provencal soil and the Mediterranean sun. Exquisite flavors are produced here, in our mill, in the heart of France’s most renowned oil region. The organic olive oil produced at Château Virant will compliment all of your dishes with finesse and subtlety.