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Tasting Olive Oil

If there is one food that represents the southern art of Provencal living, it is olive oil. Throughout the Mediterranean basin, olive oil has been recognized for centuries for its nutritional and healing attributes. At Château Virant, making olive oil is an ancestral art. Our oils are among the most famous in our region. By discovering our oils and tasting our products, you are really experiencing the olives of our estate-from grove to mill. The gift boxes here have been specially curated to present a varied and enjoyable tasting experience. But how do you taste olive oil? To experience all the flavors and complexity that an oil contains, you have to taste it in its simplest form. An artisan olive oil is tasted in the same way as a good wine-in its raw form or in partnership with a complimentary food.

The Origin of Flavors

At Château Virant, we see the olive as a sacred fruit. The olive tree, a symbol of longevity and hope, is also the tree that best represents our land. Like our craftsman, the olive tree is robust and strong, and anchored to its roots. We know that the quality of our oils comes from the good health of our trees, and we take pride in having the reputation of producing the finest trees-and the finest olive oils-in Provence. It is from this place of pride and expertise that we offer a range of accessories and gift boxes to our customers. The flavors that you will discover in our gift boxes paint a portrait of the artisan craftsmen of Château Virant. Since 1996, we have pressed our own olives in our own mill right here on the estate. Each year, we produce a range of traditional Provencal oils essential for authentic gourmets. We are experts in all stages of the oil producing process, from harvesting the olives to placing the cork in the bottle. The attention we pay to our craft guarantees a fantastic product with incomparable aromas. 

An Experience

Château Virant has been focused on quality olive oil production for years, and our accessories are your taste journey to Provence. To sample or to share, our oils are sure to delight all people who love food.