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A salty snack !

To compliment our wide range of wines, we have developed an array of savory specialties inspired by local flavors. Provence is the land of sharing. For us, the aperitif with friends or family is an almost sacred time. This is why we offer you a range of artisanal products, which you can share with loved ones to create a true experience to be remembered. Prepared from Château Virant products, these items partner wonderfully well with our wine. Imagine tasting a fresh rosé accompanied by one of our savory olive delicacies. A treat for all who love the good life.

A sweet treat !

Château Virant offers a range of sweets to indulge in. Developed with respect for our traditions and with products from our own estate, our sweet specialties will compliment desserts perfectly. For lovers of the sweet and savory mix, we suggest one of our wine jams cooked with foie gras or our caramels with candied olives. The aromatic power of these treats also pairs well with tasty meats such as wild game. Our array of sweet snacks are true delicacies in their own right. The sweet specialties of Château Virant will delight young and old alike.

Provençal delicacies

Through its sweet and savory specialties, Château Virant offers a glimpse into Mediterranean living. These products conjure a shared meal with good friends under the warm sun. These delicacies, made here at the estate with artisanal expertise, demonstrate our attachment to our history and to the land. As an appetizer or to compliment a main dish, our savories will turn any meal with friends into an experience to be enjoyed.