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Our offerings

We know that a good meal always ends on a sweet note, and this is why we have created this collection of rich specialties. We offer a range of delicious delectables. Try our caramels with candied olives. Grown on the estate, the olives give this creamy treat a salty touch without losing the essence of Provence. Or, try a fig or onion confit, alone or as an accompaniment to foie gras. We also recommend our red fruit jam in baked wine. Spread it on bread, or combine it with a little white cheese, and you will be met with an explosion of fruity flavors. These products have also been designed to enhance your cooked meals. Add a teaspoon of fig confit to give your entree a whole new dimension. If you prefer it as an appetizer, spread it on a dry biscuit or enjoy it as an accompaniment to a sheep cheese. Treat yourself with these gourmet snacks, or treat a friend with a specially curated gift box of treats.

Gourmet flavors reminiscent of childhood

At Château Virant, when we remember childhood, we think of jam toast prepared with love by our grandmothers. We remember the flavors of the sweet fruit and the aromas of vanilla from the brioche bread. It is these memories that inspired us to create our collection of sweet delicacies. Our line of sweet products was designed with love for our roots and with nostalgia for the treats of our youth. While our caramels will delight you, our jams will surprise you with their delicate and delicious fruit aromas. We are proud to offer unique, authentic items that serve as the perfect companion for many of our wines. Indulge in the delicacies of Provence with flavors that come from our land and from our culture.

The essence of Provence

Our range of sweet delicacies invites you to feel the joy of childhood again. Let yourself be delighted by the fruity aromas, and take a taste journey to Provence today.