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What is PDO olive oil ?

PDO is a label that recognizes and celebrates the expertise and traditions of European craftsmanship in the food industry. It is also a way to celebrate the heritage of a country’s regional products. Selecting one of our PDO olive oils is a guarantee that you will taste an olive oil whose fruits have matured under the Provençal sun. Here, our olive trees draw strength from the native limestone soil and are tended to by our team of artisans working to the rhythms of the cicada songs. The Château Virant invites you to taste the flavors of Provence. By choosing an PDO product, you are choosing to participate in the preservation of our gastronomic excellence.

Where do PDO Olive Oils Come From ?

On a European scale, France is a small producer of olive oil, far behind Spain, which remains the world’s largest producer. There are only seven PDOs in the South of France. The best known are the PDO Aix en Provence, and the PDO Nyons or the PDO of the Vallee des Baux de Provence, each unique to its region and its craftsmanship. Europe has 104 PDOs, most of which are spread around the Mediterranean Basin. Among the 30 Spanish PDOs, the Baena, in the south, perfectly expresses the Andalusian character. Italian olive oil is synonymous with quality and gluttony. From the Monte Ibiei PDO in Sicily to terra di Barri in Puglia, via the Tuscany PDO, Italian oil blends fruit and sun to provide an unforgettable experience. And how to talk about Mediterranean olive oils without mentioning the Greek olives from Kalamata? For years, PDOs have safeguarded European artisanal products with a label that stands for quality and craftsmanship.

Our PDO: Our Greatest Pride

Across Europe, PDO is a guarantee of quality and regional flavors as well as a way to promote the work of craftsmen on a large, competitive scale. For Château Virant, the PDO designation represents both the quality of our product and the heritage of our Provencal roots. It is this southern character that gives our PDO olive oil its aromatic complexities.
Since the 1990s, we have been a leader in PDO oil production and we are proud to bring Provençal flavors to the Mediterranean table.