In French gastronomy, cheese and wine are alter-egos. This union is very much appreciated by the French and even makes our reputation abroad.

The association of wine and cheese seems more complex than it looks.

We know that cheeses can be made from cow's milk, sheep's milk or goat's milk.

But, is it possible to marry these two liquids?

Wine and hot chocolate are drunk on the ski slopes, so why not milk and wine?

Milk has soothing and calming properties. This is why it is used after a very spicy dish to reduce the effects of the spice.

It accompanies meat or starchy dishes and even desserts. It is also according to these elements that we match the dishes and the adequate wines to bring out all the aromas.

It is therefore preferable to first associate a dish with wine and then with milk, so we will never mix milk with wine without accompaniment.

For dairy-based dishes, it is generally necessary to choose a dry white wine, aged in barrels, which will be more pleasant in the mouth.

Some cheeses are enjoyed with softer, sweeter wines to bring out the vanilla notes of the pairing.

Red wine can be a riskier option with cheese, depending on the selection. For example, Cantal, Reblochon or Beaufort can be enhanced by a rather young, light, and not very tannic red wine.