The qualification of "best red wine" depends on our taste as consumers. Each wine can be appreciated by some, and considered unpleasant for others. This choice is very personal and is made according to the aromas that one wishes to find in the wine.

There are professional, world-renowned rankings of the best red wines in the world. However, different tools are used to realize this listing, notably guides, newspapers, or even competitions. These means allow to differentiate the different wines and to find the rare pearl.

The Wine Spectator is a renowned magazine, very influential in the wine world. Every year, since 1988, it makes a list of wines, in a "top 100" format. The list includes wines that have been tasted and rated over the course of a year. This rating system is based on specific elements of quality and value.

Many wineries around the world are awarded. For 2018, Wine Spectator has unveiled its rankings; and, on the podium is a 2015 Sassicaia that comes from Tenuta San Guido Bolgheri in Tuscany. A St-Emilion Château Canon-La Gaffelière follows it in the rankings.

The Parker Guide is another tool that references the best wines by giving them a score and commentary during a tasting. Wines that get a score above 90/10 are considered to be "the best wines". The creator of this guide is the American Robert Parker, professional wine taster and critic. The reputation of this guide is such that when a wine is rated above 90 points, it can be guaranteed that its vintage will sell at the highest price, very quickly.

If you look at the Parker Guide, you will notice that Chateau Latour, from the Bordeaux region, has received the highest score six times.