The manufacture of the first black soaps goes back to 3000 years before our era. Black soap is a product made according to a natural and ancestral recipe, which is respectful of our health and the environment.

It is a soap that is made from refined vegetable oils, particularly linseed oil and olive oil. These ingredients make it possible to obtain a homogeneous and residue-free soap.

Black soap is mainly offered in liquid form with a brown color. It can also be found as a soft paste.

It can be used in cosmetics or household cleaning.

Cosmetic black soap:

Cosmetic black soap (or "toilet soap") is made from a mixture of oil and black olive flesh. These ingredients are ground and then macerated in potash and sometimes a little salt.

It is a natural product that has benefits for the skin. Black soap is very moisturizing thanks to the olive oil it contains. It is also purifying and regenerating, thanks to its high content of vitamin E. Black soap is also used as a cleanser or exfoliant, because it cleanses the skin thoroughly. It is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. Some men even replace shaving cream with black soap.

It also acts on the nails. It strengthens them and whitens them.

Household black soap:

Black soap is used for the daily maintenance of the house.

This product is known as an excellent degreaser, applied on kitchen grease, ovens, barbecue grills. Silver, brass, copper or stainless steel objects can also be cleaned with black soap.

Black soap can also be used as a 100% ecological solution to shine windows and floors.

The natural recipe of this soap also has an anti-stain action, especially on linen, napkins, or tea towels. But, you have to be careful, because it can stain light colored fabrics.