Today, in France, there is a wide selection of so-called "high-end" wines, which can satisfy all palates.

Whether it is red, white, rosé or sparkling, a high-end wine can be found in different French regions. To identify it, you must first taste it and learn to appreciate it. In fact, in each region of France one can find different wines that can meet the consumer's expectations.

The quality of a good bottle of wine is not only a matter of its price. It is also a question of taste and know-how. Of course, the conditions of appreciation of a wine vary according to the person, the culture, and especially the expectation that one has of it.

It is obvious that the Grands Crus of Bordeaux or Burgundy do not go unnoticed on the French wine market. They are also recognized on the international scene.

France is the largest wine exporting country in the world. Indeed, internationally, French wine, a guarantee of quality, is highly appreciated. For example, in China, it is the Château Lafite Rothschild that seduces wine lovers. The Chinese are very interested in this wine and even raise the price.

In Provence, we find the Château Virant; an exceptional domain, where you will find a rich range of wine. In our selection you will find an option for every palate, every character and every personality. It is with professionals that you can try to find the bottle that corresponds to you, the one that suits you and meets your expectations.