The Concours Général Agricole is held annually in Paris. All the participating farmers come to carry the colors of their regions high. Each of them hopes to seduce an intransigent jury to obtain the highest distinction, the gold medal. Château Virant is very proud to have obtained this distinction thanks to the products that you will find on this page.

The reward of the women and men of agriculture

This competition of farmers allows above all to highlight the quality of French local products on a national and international scale. Obtaining an award is a real honor for any craftsman. The medals of this contest, affixed directly on the products, are the emblem of the French craftsmen proud of their region and their products. Thus, the award-winning cheeses, wines or oils guarantee an authentic tasting experience.

By choosing a medal-winning product, you are tasting the traditions of a region of our country. These awarded artisans, guardians of ancestral know-how, have dedicated their lives to the manufacture of high-quality products. Each year, the Concours Général Agricole de Paris will unveil a selection of products from French agriculture that will delight the finest gourmets. At Château Virant, we are very proud to take part in this competition and to win the highest prizes. Our olive oils and wines have been recognized for their true value by a jury of experts.

The pride of being a winner of the competition

Every year the Ministry of Agriculture organizes the Concours Général Agricole to promote French craftsmanship and gastronomy. Farmers are divided into several categories according to the products they offer. Château Virant submits its wines and olive oils to the jury's taste buds. Composed of good living amateurs and professionals, the jury is responsible for awarding medals from bronze to the coveted gold. Thus they determine a classification according to the quality of the wines, oils or cheeses they taste. The competition is tough

Each participant hopes, by the quality of his products, to seduce the jury and to be awarded the highest distinction. It is a prize that is won with the heart. And it is by putting all our love for our land in our products that we have made the most awarded olive oil in France. We are very proud to count this success in our prize list. If the competition is so valued, it is because the jury selects only the best. Each year the Chamber of Agriculture presents the most qualitative gastronomic products that will delight the palate of gourmets.

The highest distinction obtained by Château Virant

The gold medal at the Concours Général Agricole de Paris is a pride that few artisans of the gastronomy are called to possess. We are very proud that the quality of our products has been recognized by the jury of this prestigious competition. It is above all the result of a traditional know-how and of our love for our Provencal soil. Château Virant is very proud to present you its range of gold medal products.