Europe is the continent that produces and consumes the most cheese. And it is in France that the records have exploded, with the average French person consuming 25.9 kilos of cheese per year and per person.

France is the country that has developed the most cheese specialties with different tastes, textures and colors. These cheeses have become part of our customs and traditions. In fact, France has more than 400 different varieties of cheese.

These varieties have been inscribed in the terroirs with particularities belonging to each region, with about 40 types of cheeses having the AOP *.

The culture of cheese has crossed civilizations. Originally, cheese was created by an accident of conservation of milk produced by goats, cows and sheep. The Romans were the first to introduce cheese in France.

In general, cheese is eaten before dessert to bring out all its flavors. It is served in a dish at room temperature and is accompanied by its faithful friend, the wine.

The cheese-wine pairing is a symbol of tradition and habit within French culture. Cheese embodies a regional heritage.

Did you know that?

Cheese would even have healing properties thanks to the penicillin contained in its mold, so why resist it?

*PDO: Protected Designation of Origin: This is the name of a country, region or locality, used to designate a product of the region whose quality and characteristics come exclusively or essentially from the geographical environment. This label allows to guarantee and recognize the quality of a French cheese.