Temperature is a decisive factor in wine tasting. It is important to taste a wine at the right temperature to appreciate all its aromas. A wine that is served too cold or too warm will not reveal its qualities.

The aromas freeze when the wine is too cold and they alter when it is too hot.

The ideal temperature varies according to the wine. It depends on the environment, the structure, the complexity and the balance of the elixir.

For red wines, it is good to maintain the correct packaging to preserve their aromas and quality. The ideal is to keep the bottle of red wine in cool water with ice cubes and take it out when it reaches the required temperature.

Note: some red wines have a structure similar to white wine, they are often light and fruity, it is possible to serve them between 12 and 14 degrees especially when they are young.

As for the more fleshy, complex, powerful and tannic wines, it is better to serve them between 15 and 17 degrees. On the other hand, a complex and elegant wine should be served between 16 and 17 degrees.

Various tools are used to allow the cooling of the wine before tasting: the ice bucket, ceramic ice cubes, coolers, spouts or in a cellar at ideal temperature.