French gastronomy, internationally recognized for its quality and diversity, is part of our daily lives. Rich in dishes and regional specialties, French cuisine is a know-how that we pass on from generation to generation. A strong link attaches the French to their culinary art.

Through time, French cuisine has evolved. We can even divide the history of French cuisine into several periods, starting in the Middle Ages. The regional diversity that has developed over time makes it a multiple cuisine. Today, French gastronomy is a true art of living. In perpetual evolution, French cuisine has been reinventing itself for the last ten years. New trends have emerged, such as bistronomy, French street food, and the trend towards single-product cuisine. Great French chefs often create their own concept, too, in order to respond to this trend, while preserving quality and refinement.

French gastronomy is often associated with art and culture, even luxury. Indeed, it is a discipline that allows to create something good and beautiful. The key is in the selection of agricultural products that nature offers us, especially olive oil and wine. They hold an exceptional place in French cuisine.

The meal is an important moment of sharing and conviviality that allows us to reconnect with our surroundings and with nature. Some even associate it with the values of mediation and freedom.